Fantasy Flight Games will release the A-A5 Speeder Truck and LAAT/le Patrol Transport Unit Expansions for Star Wars Legion in May.

For Rebel Alliance players, the A-A5 Speeder Truck Unit Expansion offers a mobile command unit that is outfitted for battle.  The A-A5 Speed is customizable to any strategy with two crew slots and a pilot slot, as well as two options for turret-mounted laser cannons.  The expansion includes an unpainted, hard plastic A-A5 Speeder Truck miniature (with optional assembly for closed or open doors) and 16 upgrade cards that include new pilots, weapons, and comms systems.  The A-A5 Speed Truck Unit Expansion will retail for $59.95 upon release.

The LAAT/le Patrol Transport Unit Expansion offers new strategies for both Galactic Republic and Galactic Empire players.  The dual faction expansion offers players a versatile mobile unit that can transport units to their destination quickly by being able to soar over obstacles, as well as over aerial support in the form of twin laser canons that can attack both airborne and ground targets.  The model features a fully-detailed interior with two pilot model options, a Phase II Clone trooper or an Imperial TIE pilot.  The expansion includes an unpainted, hard plastic LAAT/le Patrol Transport miniature and 12 upgrade cards to upgrade the unit with unique pilots from both factions, as well as ordnance and comms systems.  The LAAT/le Patrol Transport Unit Expansion will retail for $59.95 upon release.

Fantasy Flight Games previously announced two new Commander expansions for Star Wars Legion (see "Fantasy Flight Games Unveils Two Commander Expansions for ‘Star Wars Legion’").

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