Bicycle Games will release two new themed sets of Theory 11 playing cards in late Q2.

The Mandalorian Theory 11 Playing Cards will come in a Beskar-colored box with an embossed Mandalorian helmet and The Child on it. The artwork on the cards features Aces, Jokers, court cards, and backings that are inspired by the iconic characters and events from the show. The 007 Theory 11 Premium Playing Cards deck comes in a box with a 3D-scuplted emboss of a James Bond family crest. This deck was created for the release of No Time to Die, which now comes out October 8.

Each deck will retail for $9.99.

Last year, Bicycle Games signed Wil Wheaton to promote their game product lines (see "Bicycle Games Signs Wil Wheaton to Promote Their 'Games by Bicycle' Product Line").