Bandai unveiled Double Diamond [BT06], a new set for Digimon Card Game, expected to arrive in October for U.S. retail.

The sixth booster set in this re-launch of Digimon CG includes the debut of Royal Knights in the game and more fan favorite Digimon to collect. It will feature Agumon (Bond of Frienship) and Gabumon (Bond of Friendship) from the conclusion of the Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna anime. Double Diamond [BT06] also introduces a new mechanic using the Memory Gauge, an effect used by paying gauge costs at the beginning of a player's turn.

The rarity breakdown for the 129 card set (147 with parallels) is as follows: 44 commons, 30 uncommons, 26 rares, 11 super rares, 2 secret rares, 18 parallels, 10 1-Year Anniversary Box Toppers, and 6 Special Tamer Box Toppers. Each pack comes with 12 cards with 24 boosters to a sealed display box.

Digimon CG was climbing the TCGplayer sealed product sales charts in March (see "'Flesh and Blood' and 'Digimon CG' Climb Higher").