Ares Games announced Star Scrappers Cave-In and Star Scrappers Orbital, designed by Hexy Studio Games, for release in August.

Both of these new games are set in the Star Scrappers Universe, which is an original space western setting. In Star Scrappers Cave-In, players take on the roles of Trade Guild representatives for the mining industry. As mining bosses, players need to recruit laborers, use their skills, collect artifacts, and mine out Hexis crystals before other players get a chance to steal them. The goal is to get the most victory points before the crystal mine collapses. This game is for two to four players, ages 12 and up, and plays in 45 minutes.

Star Scrappers Orbital is a game designed by Jacob Fryxelius of Terraforming Mars fame (see "Stronghold Games Reveals 'Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition'"). In this game, players construct space stations by adding modules to a core tile. It is an engine-building, worker placement card game where players try earn credits and victory points to win. The game box comes with 783 module cards, 36 event cards, 5 Structural Core Module tiles, 5 Upgraded Core Module cards, 25 crew meeples, 42 Victory Point tokens, 50 Mega Credit tokens, 16 damage tokens, a Year card, a Year marker, a First Player marker, and   5 player aid cards. This game is for one to five players, ages 12 and up, and plays is 60 minutes.

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