Warlord Games unveiled Bolt Action: Island Assault!, a new miniatures starter set, for release in July.

This brand-new pits the U.S. Marine Corps against Japanese island defenders in the Pacific theater during WWII. It focuses on the island-hopping campaigns that the U.S. went on to reclaim areas taken by the Japanese after Pearl Harbor. The set comes with enough miniatures to field two opposing forces as well as a 2E rulebook with an accompanying scenario booklet.

The game box comes with Bolt Action A5 Rulebook, Island Assault booklet, 24 Imperial Japanese Army soldiers, Chi-Ha tank, 24 U.S. Marines, M3A1 Half-track, dice, a pin marker sprue, a template sprue, a Pillbox (exclusive to this set), and 2 Spiderholes (exclusive to this set). Bolt Action Island Assault! will retail for $120.

Bolt Action: Campaign D-Day Operation Overlord won an Origins Award in 2020 (see "Origins Awards 2020 Winners Unveiled").

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