Marvel continues to shake up the world of the X-Men with its revelation that a character will be murdered at the Hellfire Gala, an event that will lead directly into the new five-issue series X-Men: The Trial of Magneto. The murder will occur, and the victim will be revealed, in X-Factor #10, the final issue of that series. The mutant investigator team from X-Factor will play an important role in solving the mystery, and current X-Factor writer Leah Williams will carry over as writer of the new series, with Lucas Werneck (Empyre: X-Men) taking over as artist. The first issue of X-Men: The Trial of Magneto will go on sale on August 18 with a cover by Valerio Schiti.

The Hellfire Gala is a major event that will cross over 12 titles (see “Preview: ‘Hellfire Gala Character Design’ Variant Covers by Russell Dauterman”). The centerpiece of the gala will be the announcement of the first team of Krakoan X-Men and the mutants’ plans for the immediate future.