An ICv2 Release.  ICv2 is rebooting Best in Shows, its geek movie calendar, to make it easier to use and a more powerful tool for people in the business of geek culture.  The calendar is now formatted with one page for each year, giving a better look at the flow of the movies that drive the business of geek culture and how they interact.

"We’ve been offering our readers a calendar of geek movies since 2015, when we launched Best in Shows as a regular feature on," ICv2 CEO Milton Griepp said of the reboot.  "With the changes we’re making, Best in Shows will provide a quicker, more comprehensive look at the biggest awareness and licensing events in the business of geek culture, a great tool for our readers."

Movie release schedules have been shifting rapidly for the past 14 months, as the Covid pandemic wreaked havoc with the theater business and shooting schedules.  One quarter, Q2 2020, was completely wiped clean of any geek film releases.  But now that studios are catching up and releasing the backlog of blockbusters, it’s more important than ever to keep track of upcoming releases.

"We felt like this was a critical feature to upgrade in 2021," Griepp said.  "There are more key marketing events scheduled for the second half of this year than we’ve ever seen."

ICv2’s Best in Shows – Geek Movie Calendar can be accessed from the black-bordered "Featured Resource" box on the home page, or from the "Calendar" button in the three-dot dropdown at the top of every page.  Or from this article, click here for Best in Shows - 2021, or click here for the Best in Shows Index.