Wizards of the Coast unveiled Dungeon Master's Screen: Dungeon Kit, for use with Dungeons & Dragons 5E, which will hit stores on August 17.

The Dungeon Master can now protect their rolls from the prying eyes of players with this new screen and kit for D&D 5E.  The new screen features new art depicting a fantastic vista that descends into a dungeon on the exterior side, and rules references and tables on the screen’s interior.  The kit also comes with 36 punch out dungeon geomorph cards with pathway connection points,  a customizable double-sided dry-erase sheet  that has a numbered grid, 18 illustrated punch out condition cards, and  9 punch out initiative cards.

Cases of the product contain 20 kits, and it will retail for $24.99.

Wizards of the Coast recently released D&D: Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft for release on May 18 (see "'Dungeons & Dragons' Returns to 'Ravenloft'").

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