Players of Mantic Games’ Kings of War:  Armada naval miniatures game will be able to add flying units to their battles with the new Seas Aflame sourcebook and three packs of miniatures:  Orc Fliers Pack, Basilean Fliers Pack, and Empire of Dust Fliers Pack, all set to release on July 26.

The Seas Aflame supplement adds a number of new features to Kings of War:  Armada, including rules for new flying units and fortifications, as well as a new campaign system and ten scenarios.  The book also has expanded background information on the world of Pannithor, and reveals the next wave of fleets for the game.

The 72-page book will have an MSRP of $29.99.

Alongside the new book will be three sets of flying units to take advantage of the new rules.  Each set comes with 2 resin models, flying bases, flier cards, and a faction reference card.  All three sets are sold separately with an MSRP of $17.99 each:

  • The Basilean Fliers Pack includes 1 Sky Altar and 1 Eternal Flame of the Phoenix.
  • The Orc Fliers Pack comes with 1 goblin Winggit and 1 Assault Slasher.
  • The Empire of Dust Fliers Pack offers 1 undead dragon and 1 flock of vultures.

Click Gallery below for images of the new models.

All models are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

Launched last year, Kings of War:  Armada simulates naval battles in Mantic’s world of Pannithor (see “Mantic Games Unveils ‘Kings of War:  Armada’”).  In May, the company released a series of extra large ships for use with the game (see “Mantic Games Launches Extra Large Ships for ‘Armada’”).