Games Workshop revealed two new dragon models for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, which will be coming soon to preorder.

The Dracolith have made a grand return to the Mortal Realms, and two princes from the civilization of the World-That-Was have given their allegiance to Sigmar. Krondys, Son of Dracothion is a member of Sigmar's inner circle, dawning the Regalia Fulmentaris around his neck. His majestic model is a symbol of the great hope that the alliance with the Stormcast Eternals may one day allow his dragonkin to return to the lands.

Karazai the Scarred is a battle-worn Dracolith that has been crushing the forces of Destruction under his mighty wings. He has spent too long in the Realm of Beasts, and his bitter disposition has turned wrathful. His model is an extraordinary centerpiece for any of Sigmar's armies.

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