Archon Studio announced that they will be bringing their line of Dungeons & Lasers RPG terrain to retail at the end of July.

Dungeons & Lasers is a line of terrain that is specifically aimed at roleplayers. The line features hard plastic walls and floors that can be assembled without glue, allowing players to create tabletop environments for game sessions. Archon has run multiple Kickstarter campaigns for Dungeons & Lasers, the most recent of which raised $1.68 million dollars (converted from Euros) with 9014 backers ($186 per backer).

The first Dungeons & Lasers releases to hit the retail market will include a Sci-Fi Starter Set, 3 dragon sculpts, and an Animal Companions set. The Sci-Fi Starter Set will retail for $54.00, the dragons for $29.00 each, and the Animal Companions for $32.00.  

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