It’s official: IDW Publishing will publish Captain Action: The Classic Collection on May 17, 2022, according to information on the Penguin Random House website.  The 144-page hardcover will include all five issues of DC’s Captain Action comics, which were published in 1968 and include work by writer Jim Shooter, artist Wally Wood, and writer and artist Gil Kane.  The book will go on sale on May 17, 2022, with an MSRP of $29.99.

The comics include two notable firsts: Jim Shooter’s first comics credit and the first story for which Gil Kane was both the writer and the artist.  They have been re-mastered and re-colored with a look that is reminiscent of the originals. In addition to the five issues, the new collection includes an introduction by Mark Waid as well as other “unexpected treasures.”  The original announcement said that the extras would include “lost art” from Murphy Anderson, Kurt Schaffenberger and Chic Stone (see “IDW to Collect 60s DC ‘Captain Action’ Series”).

Captain Action started out as an action figure, and DC’s comics were published under a license with the manufacturer, Ideal. (Moonstone published a later series, which is not included in this book.)