DC has promoted Katie Kubert to Senior Editor and Team Leader for the Global Publishing Innovation Group. She was recently credited as being the editor in charge of the new agreement between DC and the webcomics platform Webtoon that will allow Webtoon to publish comics with DC characters (see “DC Universe Characters Are Coming to Webtoon”).

Kubert said her new job “includes fun stuff in digital, media, audio, global and DC Horror” when she announced it on Twitter. She describes herself as a “Resident nerd in her second tour of duty at DC Comics” on her LinkedIn page; she started at DC as a Pre-Press Coordinator in 2009 and by the time she left, five years later, she had been promoted to Editor. After that, she worked as an Editor at Marvel Entertainment and Senior Editor at Insight Editions before returning to DC in 2017 as an Editor. She also edited a number of female-led series, including Batgirl and She-Hulk at Marvel and DC, respectively.