Game of Gods will feature 93 brand new cards, including 42 Normal cards; 22 Rare cards; 15 Super Rare cards; 5 Marvel Rare cards; 4 Ruler/J-Ruler cards; 5 Basic Magic Stone cards; 4 Will Coin cards; 3 Token cards; and 12 Life Counter cards.  Game of Gods booster boxes will also include a PR card that is only available for the first printing of the set.  Each booster pack will contain 10 random cards, with each booster box containing 36 booster packs.  Cartons will contain 6 booster boxes.

Stores that are able to do so may host prerelease events on November 19 using the Force of Will TCG: Game of Gods Prerelease Kit.  Each kit contains 72 booster packs, 12 copies of a prerelease kit special PR card, 12 copies of a Basic Ruler card, and two prerelease kit special playmats.  The Game of Gods Pre-release Kit will also include an Alternate Souls acrylic standee.

The Force of Will Starter Deck- Tales Deck and Force of Will Starter Deck - Villains Deck release alongside the Game of Gods booster set on November 26.  Each deck features many of the new mechanics debuting in the Duel Cluster, each including a new card type Order and new keyword abilities.  The decks will also feature two types of cards exclusive to the Starter Decks.  Each deck includes 51 cards (including a Ruler card, 10 Basic Magic Stone cards, and a 40 card deck), a Will Coin card, a Life Counter card a rule sheet, a playmat sheet, and a quick rule guide.  Starter Deck displays include 5 decks, with each carton containing 8 displays.

Force of Will, Inc. previously finished the Saga Cluster in August with the release of The Seventh (see "Force of Will, Inc. Announces ‘The Seventh’").

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