Garth Ennis, writer of Preacher and The Boys, will script a six-issue comic series that will be a sequel to the 1980 UK film Hawk the Slayer. The artist for the series will be Henry Flint (Judge Dredd), and Magic the Gathering artist Greg Staples will create the covers.

Rebellion will include each issue as the bagged supplement to Judge Dredd Megazine, starting in January, and will publish the issues on their own beginning in April; the series will kick off with a 32-page issue.

This is the first official spin-off of the sword-and-sorcery film, which starred John Terry (Lost) and Jack Palance (Shane) and has become a cult classic over the years.

Ennis’s most recent work is the World War II series Lion and the Eagle (see “Preview: ‘Lion and the Eagle’ #1”), published by Aftershock, and Peacemaker: Disturbing the Peace #1 for DC (see “DC Announces New ‘Batman’ Series, ‘Peacemaker’ One-Shot”).

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