Games Workshop will release Zone Mortalis: Underhive Market, a new terrain set for Necromunda, on December 4.

Players can use this new terrain set to create an Underhive Market setting to fight through in games of Necromunda. The set comes with a variety of scatter terrain and gear for miniatures to interact with, and is fully-compatible with other Zone Mortalis Terrain. This kit contains 45 plastic components that can build 2 large market stalls, 2 small market stalls, 2 horologium, 2 gun racks, 2 large storage caskets, 2 power units, 4 plasma flasks,2 lockboxes,2 buckets, 4 signs, 6 mugs, 2 Mung vases, and 2 coin piles.

Zone Mortalis: Underhive Market will retail for $50.

Games Workshop also released Necromunda: Hive War, a two-player boxed set for Necromunda miniatures game, in 2021 (see "'Necromunda: Hive War'").

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