Force of Will revealed Game of Gods Revolution, a new booster set for Force of Will TCG, which will be headed to retail on May 27, 2022.

Game of Gods Revolution will be the third and final booster pack set in this Duel Cluster (see "'Game of Gods Reloaded'"), and a new Duel Cluster will start with the products released in August 2022. The set features the following rarity breakdown:  45 kinds of Normal cards,  20 kinds of Rare cards,  15 kinds of Super Rare cards, 5 kinds of Marvel Rare cards,  4 kinds of Ruler/Order cards, 5 kinds of basic magic stones, 4 kinds of Will coin cards, 11 kinds of Token cards, and 12 kinds of life counter cards.  Each pack comes with 10 cards with 36 packs in a display box. The display boxes will also come with a PR card.

There will also be prerelease kits available for this set. The kits come with 72 packs, 12 copies of a special PR card, 2 special playmats, and 12 copies of basic ruler cards. These kits will be shipped to arrive for their May 20, 2022 release date.