Wizards of the Coast announced that their Magic: The Gathering - Streets of New Capenna prereleases will occur on April 22, 2022 at FLGS, before the digital release of the product on April 28, 2022. Additionally, the official release date of Streets of New Capenna was set for April 29, 2022.

For this set only, WotC will attempt to align the release of their digital Standard product, on MTG Arena, with the release date of their tabletop product. In general, new Standard sets would hit MTG Arena prior to arriving at FLGS prereleases. The new dynamic for Streets of New Capenna (see "2022 'Magic: The Gathering' Standard Sets") would have product arriving at FLGS for sale a week before the actual release of both the digital and paper products.

This is a win for retailers as they will get to sell product during the prerelease events before it is available to MTG Arena players. Often times, the extra time digital players get to use the product affects the singles and sealed secondary market because they figure out which cards are playable in which format. With this dynamic, players and retailers are going into the prerelease with the same amount of knowledge about the product, which should keep the prices of sealed product steady until the actual release.

WotC also announced the release date of the next D&D crossover set (see "'D&D' and 'Masters' Sets"). Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate will hit stores on June 10, 2022.