Free League Publishing will be launching the Death in Space RPG, from the Stockholm Kartell design studio, on April 26.

The Death in Space RPG is set in the Tenebris system, a region of space rich in precious gems that was torn apart by war.  The setting blends tropes from dark 1980s science fiction movies and classic Westerns, with players assuming the role of “blue-collar” explorers and laborers trying to strike it rich on a dangerous frontier dominated by forces beyond their control.

The game system is designed to be rules-light and easy to learn while providing players and gamemasters plenty of opportunities to customize their playing style.  In addition to the game rules and setting information, the core rulebook includes guidelines for creating custom spacecraft and stations and resolving confrontations between ships and boarding actions, rules for gathering spare parts and maintaining systems on board a ship or station, more than 40 tables for generating flavor for the setting, and an introductory scenario.  MSRP is $31.84.

Click Gallery below to see sample pages from the book.

Death in Space was designed by Christian Plogfors and Carl Niblaeus of Stockholm Kartell, the studio behind the upcoming CY_BORG role playing game (see “Rage Against a Dystopic Future in ‘CY_BORG’”).  It will be published under the Free League Workshop sub-label and distributed by Free League Publishing.