Japanime Games will release Anime 5E: Core Rulebook, a new anime-inspired 5E rules set by Dyskami Publishing, into retail on May 4, 2022.

Anime 5E is a catch-all rulebook for adding anime and manga adventures to fantasy roleplaying games. It was written by Mark MacKinnon, creator of Big Eyes, Small Mouth (see "'Big Eyes, Small Mouth' RPG Returns"), and it brings a point-based balance to the standard 5E games. The book contains new anime-inspired Races, Classes, and Skills as well as mechanics for powers and combat options. It also has 70 character features (Attributes), 36 character flaws (Defects), and new adventuring gear, items, and devices.

The core rulebook will retail for $49.95, but it will also be available in a Pocket Edition for $24.95.