Longtime partner in Source Comics and Games and part-owner and CFO of publisher Atlas Games Jerry Corrick passed away Wednesday, April 27, Atlas Games President John Nephew announced on Twitter.  "I’m very sad to share the news that jerry Corrick passed away this morning," he wrote.  "Jerry was a longtime part owner and CFO of Atlas Games.  He loved being the face of our company at conventions all over the country for decades.  I miss his friendship, his wisdom and his patience, and his love of games.  Also his stoic willingness to deal with insurance companies and taxes, if I’m being quite honest."

Corrick was one of three owners, along with Bob Brynildson and Dominic Postiglione (better known as Nick Post, who passed away in 2014, see "R.I.P. Dominic Postiglione"), who built Source Comics and Games into one of the largest comic and game stores in the country.

His pleasant demeanor, love for what he did, and ability to do the Exact Change Dance at conventions will be missed.  Condolences to all.