Titan Comics will co-publish Conan the Barbarian comics with property owner Heroic Signatures, the companies announced.  The Marvel Comics license is ending this year, with the final original comic to be King Conan #6 in July, and collections planned through December.  Heroic Signatures announced in May that it would form its own editorial team to create comics for a co-publishing partnership (see "Heroic Signatures to Co-Publish ‘Conan’ Comics").  Titan Comics has now been announced as the other half of that venture.

The comics publishing program will include comics, graphic novels, and re-mastered archives including the omnibus program previously published by Marvel Comics.  The first release will be a new ongoing series, which will launch in May 2023.  Miniseries featuring Robert E. Howard heroes are also planned.

Titan Comics sister company Titan Books signed with Conan Properties in June of 2021 to publish a program of prose fiction under the Perilous Worlds imprint (see "New Conan Prose Fiction on the Way").  Heroic Signatures became the company managing the Conan rights in the acquisition of Cabinet Group by Funcom later last year (see "Funcom Acquires Cabinet Group").

The first releases in the book program will be Conan: Blood of the Serpent, a novel due out October 18, and Conan the Barbarian: The Official Story of the Film, a hardback retrospective, on November 1.

"We have been working with Titan for a year on the prose side and established a good foundation for expanding our business together," Heroic Signatures President Fredrik Malmberg said of the deal for comics.