Games Workshop will offer up new Lumineth Realm-lords products, for use with Warhammer Age of Sigmar, for preorder starting October 8, 2022.

There will be a new Order Battletome: Lumineth Realm-lords and Vanguard: Lumineth Realm-lords as part of this product release.  The Battletome contains the lore and background of aelves of Hysh as well as new and updated rules for fielding them on the battlefield. It also comes with warscrolls, profiles for every Lumineth Realm-lords unit, and painting guides for this faction. The Order Battletome: Lumineth Realm-lords will be also available in a 700-print run limited edition format with a soft-touch cover, gold gilt edge pages, and a red ribbon bookmark.

Alongside the new book, GW will also release a new Vanguard boxed set. It comes with enough components to make 26 Lumineth Realm-lords' miniatures, which are led by magic-wielding Scinari Cathallar. To complement the Vanguard box, there will also be a new Warscroll deck and a set of Lumineth Realm-lords Dice

Games Workshop also recently unleashed Vanguard: Disciples of Tzeentch and Chaos Battletome: Disciples of Tzeentch, for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, onto preorder (see "Vanguard: Disciples of Tzeentch").

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