Wizards of the Coast crowned a winner of their Magic World Championship XXVIII event at the Magic 30 event. This event was held October 28-30, 2022 at the EXPO at World Market Center in Las Vegas, Nevada (see "Magic 30").

After two days of matches, the Top Four consisted of Eli Kassis (playing Esper Midrange), Karl Sarap (playing Esper Midrange), Jakub Toth (playing Esper Midrange), and Nathan Steuer (playing Grixis Midrange). Steuer and Kassis emerged from the Top 4 to player in a title match where the lowest seed Steuer defeated Kassis in a best-of-three-matches finals, where every match went to a third game, to take home the crown. He had previously lost to Krasis twice in this tournament, in Round 14 and in the first playoff match, but battled his way out of the lower brackets to eventually end up in the finals. Steuer was a two-time Magic Online Champions Showcase champion prior to his performance in the World Championship.