Exploding Kittens is teaming up with magician Penn Jillette, of Penn &Teller, for a new bluffing party game entitled You Lying Sack.

In You Lying Sack, players attempt to play a game while playing each other. The game revolves around an actual Lying Sack drawstring bag that players reach into retrieve either a Good Thing or Bad Thing in their clenched hand. They then bluff or tell the truth, baiting opponents to accept the item. If no one agrees to take the item from them, that player must keep it. The goal of the game is for players to avoid collecting 10 Bad Things, which would eliminate them from the game, and be the last player standing.

“While I’ve made a living as a magician, at my core I’m really just a professional liar who plays within the lines between the truth and lies, and that was the inspiration of the game,” said Jillette. “You Lying Sack is all about lying, cheating, and swindling your friends and family. You’ll have to do mental gymnastics to win the game so may the best liar win.”

The game box comes with one Good Thing, 50 Bad Things, the Lying Sack, the die, and a game board. This party game is for two to five players, ages 7 and up, and plays in 15 minutes. It will be available at Exploding Kittens' website and Walmart in Janaury 2023 for $19.99. No word on a hobby retail release date, thus far.

Exploding Kittens also recently announced Zombie Kittens (see "New Game ‘Zombie Kittens’").