Doctor Strange is back, but he's not going to get much rest. Stephen Strange passed from this world in The Death of Doctor Strange (see “Doctor Strange: 1963-2021?"), and his partner Clea took on the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme in the series Strange (see “Marvel Unveils New Sorcerer Supreme in ‘Strange’”), but the real story was never that simple. Now Jed MacKay, the writer of both those series, is bringing him back to life in a new ongoing series, Doctor Strange, working with artist Pasqual Ferry. In the new series, Doctor Strange rejoins Clea and Wong and heads off on an interdimensional journey in search of the mysterious entity that is menacing his enemies. Alex Ross has designed a new costume for the character and is also the cover artist for the first issue, which will go on sale on March 22, 2023 from Marvel Comics.