Mantic Games announced Mazon Labs Strike Force, a new miniatures boxed set for Firefight 2E, into retail on February 6, 2023.

The new miniatures set brings the lore of Mazon Labs from Deadzone (see "'Deadzone 3E' Starter Set") into Firefight 2E. Mazon Labs is a large pharmaceutical corporation within the GCPS that creates and steals cutting-edge technology such as cybernetic enhancements and bio-implants. They have a deadly team of Rangers and Striders guarding their facilities, which are featured in this boxed set. The boxed set comes with 20 plastic Black Wing Urbana Marines/Rangers, 20 plastic Plague Test Subjects, a PVC Krastovor, a plastic Hornet Dropship, a PVC Lukas Koyner, a PVC Guard Commander Graves, and a PVC Neuro Linked Chovar.

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