Marvel will publish the full run of the CrossGen comic Sigil as a 1,192-page omnibus. Sigil Omnibus will collect Sigil #1-42 as well as CrossGen Chronicles #4, Saurians: Unnatural Selection #1-2 and material from CrossGen Chronicles #1. The hardcover will be published on August 20, 2023, with two covers, one for the general trade by Claudio Castellini and a direct market exclusive cover by Ben Lai. MSRP is $125.00.

The omnibus includes work by writers Barbara Kesel, Mark Waid, Chuck Dixon, and Tony Bedard and artists Ben Lai, Steve McNiven, Kevin Sharpe, Scot Eaton, Paul Pelletier, Eduardo Barreto, Andy Smith, Fabrizio Fiorentino, Dale Eaglesham, Ron Wagner, George Perez, and Andrea Di Vito.

Sigil, an intergalactic adventure saga, was one of the first titles launched the short-lived publisher CrossGen, which created an ambitious comics universe in 2000 that lasted for only four years. The company sold its assets to Disney in 2004 (see “Disney Publishing Acquires CrossGen Assets”) and was liquidated due to bankruptcy in 2005 (see “CrossGen ‘Reorganization’ Plan OK’d”). Checker Book Publishing Group published several collected editions of CrossGen comics in 2006-2008 (see “Checker to Publish CrossGen Collections”). In 2010, the year after it was acquired by Disney, Marvel announced a short-lived CrossGen revival that resulted in three four-issue series (see “Marvel’s CrossGen Revival R.I.P.”), including a Sigil miniseries. None of the later comics are included in the current omnibus.

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