Marvel Comics will launch its next big X-Men event, Fall of X, later this year, but they are setting the scene beforehand with four Before the Fall one-shots.

X-Men: Before the Fall – Sons of X #1, by writer Si Spurrier and artist Phil Noto, will pit Legion against Nimrod in a bid to rescue Nightcrawler. The issue will go on sale on May 3 with a cover by Noto.

X-Men: Before the Fall – Heralds of Apocalypse #1, by writer Al Ewing and artist Luca Pizzari, will bring back Apocalypse, last seen in X of Swords. This comic is scheduled for June and will have a cover by Pepe Larraz.

X-Men: Before the Fall –Mutant First Strike #1, by writer Steve Orlando and artist Valentina Pinti, finds Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Bishop investigating a small-town mystery that turns out to be deeper than anyone expected. The issue will also go on sale in June with a cover by David Baldeon.

X-Men: Before the Fall – Sinister Four #1, by writer Kieron Gillen and artist Paco Medina, will spotlight the four Sinisters as they decide what to do next. This comic will go on sale in July with a cover by Lucas Werneck.

Fall of X, which was first teased at New York Comic Con (see “Marvel Maps Out Editorial Events”), will kick off with the third annual Hellfire Gala and will contemplate the future of Kraokoa.

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