Gale Force Nine has announced a trio of expansions for ALIENS:  Another Glorious Day In The Corps that will release in September:  Get Away From Her, You B***h!, Ultimate Badasses, and We’re in the Pipe, Five by Five.

Following on the June re-release of the core game (see “Gale Force Nine’s ‘Aliens’ Core Board Game Returns to Stores”), the three expansions offer new marines, xenomorphs, and playing options to the game:

  • Get Away From Her, You B***h!  introduces new missions and locations from the film, and allows players to recreate the climactic duel between Ripley and the Alien Queen.  MSRP is $60.00.
  • The Ultimate Badasses Expansion includes models for six new characters and new Experience cards players can use to give their characters new abilities.  MSRP is $30.00.
  • We’re in the Pipe, Five by Five adds two new marine characters, completing the marine contingent for the game as well as four alien variants, new missions, new experience paths, and new hive cards.  MSRP is $30.00.

The first two expansions have the same game materials as the original 2020 versions (see “Gale Force Nine Unveils Two New Expansions for ‘ALIENS’ Board Game”).  We’re in the Pipe, Five by Five introduces all-new material for the game.

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Click Gallery below to see images of models from the expansions.