Para Bellum unleashed new W'adrhun sets, for Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings, for release into retail over summer 2023.

These new sets were revealed at Adepticon 2023 on Friday. Starting in May, there will be a W’adrhun starter set that comes with a stand of 12 Blooded and Slingers, a set of 18 Hunting Pack Dinos,  a set of 3 Raptor Riders, and the Predator character.  This starter set will have enough miniatures to make a First Blood army, and it includes rulebooks for First Blood 2E and The Last Argument of Kings 2E.

In June, the Chosen of Conquest set comes out, which is an infantry set with 12 new W'adrhun fighters. After this set, Para Bellum will release dinosaurs galore, stating with an Artisan series Mounted Chieftain, Thunder Riders, and a Ceratopsian. As the summer moves on, there will also be a Tontorr and Drum Beast coming to market. Both of these monsterous miniatures come with three unique crew members.   

Para Bellum Wargames Ltd. also announced new Conquest: First Blood Warbands (see " 'First Blood' Warbands").

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