Catalyst Game Labs launched a line of BattleTech: PlushyTech toys, which will hit retail on May 31, 2023.

The line begins with three BattleTech plush toys.  The UrbanMech (Liao) features a Death Commando color scheme, and retails for $34.99.  The Archer (Kell Hounds) is 17" tall, and retails for $44.99.  The short Archer (Wolf's Dragoons) is 12" tall, and retails for $44.99.  Each of these plush toys are made with strong-sewn seams and contains no hard pieces.

Catalyst Game Labs is also offering up Michael Stackpole’s BattleTech novel series Blood of Kerensky as three premium hardback volumes (see "'BattleTech' 'Blood of Kerensky' Trilogy").

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