Capstone Games has announced the first “big box” expansion for its hit game Ark Nova.  Ark Nova:  Marine Worlds is set to release in October.

Ark Nova:  Marine Worlds introduces aquariums to the game of zoo management, along with aquatic animals to inhabit them.  The expansion also features a new University that can guarantee access to an animal icon and four alternate action cards that players can use to customize their options at the start of the game.

The expansion will offer new Zoo cards, Final Scoring cards, and Bonus tiles.  It comes with upgraded wooden pieces for use on the Appeal, Conservation, and Reputation tracks and wooden animal tokens.  As an expansion, a copy of the base game will be required to play.  MSRP is $29.95.

Released last year, Ark Nova is a game about scientifically-managed zoos (see “Capstone Games Unveils ‘Ark Nova’”).  The game has proven successful, reaching the number four position on ICv2’s list of top-selling board games in the hobby market last fall (see “Top Hobby Channel Board Games – Fall 2022”) and spawning a smaller expansion set last summer (see “Capstone Games Will Release ‘Ark Nova:  Zoo Map Pack 1’ Mini-Expansion”).