Cryptozoic Entertainment revealed DC Deck-Building Game: Rivals - Shazam! vs. Black Adam, which is available through the retailer pledge levels of their Justice League Dark Kickstarter campaign.

In Rivals: Shazam! vs. Black Adam, players assume the roles of either Black Adam or Shazam! in the Rivals mode of DC Deck-Building Game. They must recruit Heroes and Villains as well as Equipment in an effort to defeat their opponent three times. Characters gain new abilities each time they are defeated and become more powerful as the game goes on.

The game box includes 99 standard cards, 6 oversized Character cards, a rulebook and a divider. This games supports two players and plays in 45 minutes. It can be purchased as part of the Retailer 1 or Retailer 2 pledge levels in the Kickstarter. As of the publication of this article, the Justice League Dark Kickstarter campaign (see "'Justice League Dark' Kickstarter") sits at $399,008 with 2,246 backers (about $178 per backer) with 20 days to go.