FanRoll by Metallic Dice Games unveiled Shadow Light: Liquid Core Dice and Dice Tray, which will head to retail in October 2023.

These dice have a liquid core that reacts to the black lights built into the sides of FanRoll's new Shadow Light: Dice Tray.  The black light essentially causes the center of the dice and the die numbers, which are painted on with black light reactive ink, to glow-in-the-dark. In addition, the dice are filled with yellow glitter that turns neon green under the black light.

“The dice glow like they have come out of a nuclear reactor!” said CEO Neal Hoffman about the new line.

The Shadow Light: Dice Tray also comes with a D20 die. Shadow Light: Liquid Core Dice will be available as a full set and as a single D20 pack.  Paizo, Inc. recently partnered with FanRoll Dice for Pathfinder RPG dice and accessories, which include a line of high end dice, dice trays, and more (see "'Pathfinder RPG' Dice and Accessories").

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