Evil Genius Games has announced a trio of new role-playing sourcebooks for 2024: The Military Handbook, Weapons Locker, and The Garage.  The company has also updated plans for the Highlander and Total Recall books for its Everyday Heroes system.

The three new books were written by Gulf War tank commander and game industry veteran Rich Redman, whose writing credits include Dungeons & Dragons, Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game, Pathfinder, Star Wars, Dark*Matter, and d20 Modern, supported by a team of military veterans and active personnel.  The three books draw on their military experience to create a more authentic tabletop gaming experience.

The Military Handbook explores the day-to-day of active military duty both in the field and on garrison duty.  The book offers rules for the physical and mental effects of combat, including hit-location based damage, battlefield hygiene, and fatigue as well as morale, trauma, and PTSD.  Rounding out the book is advice on how to run games based on military personnel for groups with different levels of combat experience.

Weapons Locker provides an in-depth exploration of weapons across a broad swath of human history, from primitive weapons all the way to modern and near-future arms.  The book includes detailed explanations of the differences between various weapon types as well as their historical context.

The Military Handbook and Weapons Locker are both scheduled to release at next year’s Gen Con game convention.

The Garage is the working title for the third book in the series, which focuses on vehicles and transportation options for characters, ranging from horse-based transport to spacecraft.  The book also offers rules for safe houses, workshops, and chase-based challenges.  The Garage is planned for November 2024 release

The Highlander and Total Recall books for Evil Genius’ Cinematic Adventures line (see “Evil Genius Will Release ‘Everyday Heroes TTRPG:  Core Book’ and Cinematic Adventures Line into Retail”) premiered at Gen Con last week.  Both books will begin shipping to backers of the Kickstarter campaign during the next month, with release into distribution to follow.

The Highlander book will be a 128-page adventure book that introduces new rules for Everyday Heroes that allow players to create characters and adventures in the Highlander universe.  The book introduces  "Natures," a new attribute for character creation, as well as the new "Immortal Swordsman" class and "Ancient" background.  The book has rules for playing Immortal characters and an adventure that stretches over 500 years.  MSRP is $24.99.

Total Recall takes players into the setting of the film, with 128 pages that cover the setting, a new "Resistance Fighter" class and "Mind Wiped" background as well as 5e-compatible rules for mutations and mutant powers.  Total Recall also includes a 60-page adventure.  MSRP is $24.99.