When Kevin Smith launched his Dark Horse Coimcs comic Quick Stops last year, it was a series of one-shots with self-contained stories set in the Askewniverse, the world of his Jay and Silent Bob and Clerks films (see “Kevin Smith Follows ‘Clerks III’ with ‘Quick Stops’ Comic Series”).  The next iteration will be different, though: Quick Stops 2 will be a four-issue miniseries with a single storyline in which a podcaster interviews the character Nancy Goldruff in hopes of learning the origin story of Mooby the Golden Calf, the star of a fictional in-universe franchise. Ahmad Raafat will be the series artist, and Andrew Thomas is the letterer.  The first issue will be released on November 22, 2023, with covers by Nate Gonzales, Chogrin, and Raafat.

“In Quick Stops I, we visited four small stories in the Askewniverse,” Smith said in a statement accompanying the announcement.  “So for Quick Stops II, we did four issues of a massive story that spans a few decades to tell the tale of Mooby, the Golden Calf.  And where that salacious story takes us is gritty, graphic and grotesquely grown up.”

Dark Horse will publish the miniseries under its Stash Comics imprint (see “Dark Horse to Launch New Line of Kevin Smith Comics”).

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