Captstone Games has inked a deal with Cranio Creations to release English-language versions of Cranio Creations' newest games.

The two new Cranio Creations' games coming via Capstone are Rats of Wistar and Annunnaki: Dawn of the Gods. Rats of Wistar is a rondel action selection game where players build out a player board and explore a fantasy world constructed by rodents that have escaped from the Wistar Institute.  They will also complete quests, exploit abandoned artifacts, and create new inventions over a series of game rounds.  This game is for one to four players, plays in 90 minutes, and will retail for $69.95.

Anunnaki: Dawn of the Gods is a eurogame set in an ancient dystopian past where aliens have left a dying planet and settled on a new homeland of Gaia.  Players take charge of different House vying for control over the terrestrial population of the new home world as Gods.  They will build bases, recruit troops, portray themselves as gods, explore territory, develop their own technology, sign trade contracts, and defeat local dominions and other players’ armies in effort to conquer the ancient city of Atlantis.  This game is for one to four players, plays in 60 minutes, and will retail for $99.99.

Both of these games are currently on preorder.

Capstone Games also announced Match of the Century, a new chess-themed board gameby Paolo Mori (see "'Match of the Century'").