UVS Games announced the return of Yu Yu Hakusho CCG to the UniVersus CCG system.

The Yu Yu Hakusho CCG first rolled out to market with Score in 2003 (see "Score Plans Two-Prong Push for Yu-Yu CCG"), and headed to Jasco Games (now UVS Games) in 2019 (see " 'UFS: Yu Yu Hakusho'").  Now, after a brief break in production due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Yu Yu Hakusho CCG is coming back with the Dark Tournament expansion.  Dark Tournament was the second set published in the original Score run of the game (see "Free Tournament Kits"), and was very popular upon its initial release.  The UVS version of the expansion will features fan favorite reprints and will only be available at FLGS, which can sign up for special prerelease events for the set.

UVS Games also announced the release dates of their Challenger Series: Cowboy Bebop and Challenger Series: Trigun Stampede, which will be January 19, 2024.  The Cowboy Bebop deck will feature Spike, Bounty Hunter, and Faye, Queen of Hearts.  The Trigun Stampede deck will have characters such as Vash The Stampede and Nicholas D. Wolfwood.

Additionally, the Hero League Championship, for My Hero Academia CCG, will be held at the Sheraton Orlando Lake Buena Vista Resort in Orlando, Florida on the weekend of February 2-4, 2024.  My Hero Academia CCG: Jet Burn will hit stores on November 10, 2023 (see "'My Hero Academia CCG: Jet Burn' Release Date").

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