Renegade Game Studios revealed that they are in the final stages of further expanding their licensing partnership with Hasbro.

The relationship between Renegade and Hasbro continues to grow beyond their recent additions to their publishing catalog of Axis & Allies, Diplomacy (see "'Axis & Allies,' 'Diplomacy,' and More"), and more recently, Acquire (see "Renegade Game Studios Expands"). Renegade just announced that they are in the final stages of adding Nexus Ops, Vegas Showdown, Risk 2210, and Risk Godstorm to their slate.  

“Since partnering with Hasbro, these titles have been some of the most requested to get back into print," said Scott Gaeta, president and publisher at Renegade Game Studios. “We’re thrilled to continue to expand our partnership with Hasbro for the benefit of gamers everywhere.”

Renegade's printing of these games are scheduled to hit stores in 2024. Nexus Ops and Vegas Showdown will be up for a "visual refresh" on their next printing.