Some gamers have everything, and those gamers are often very hard to buy for when the holiday season comes around.  Thus, it would benefit some shops to stock a few high-end items, here and there, to accommodate the gift giver looking to appease a gaming whale.

Often times, curating these high-end gifts is somewhat of a hassle as retailers periodically need to strike a balance of inventory in their store.  The ideal high-end gifts are ones that will assuredly move off the shelves quickly at the beginning of the holiday season, and have good enough buzz behind that may even warrant small restock in December.  Unfortunately, these types of items are few and far between (especially those hot high-end items that there is even a chance of being restocked).  This year, ICv2 has done a little research, and has a few suggestions for high-end gifts to consider stocking.

For more gift ideas for the 2024 holiday season, see "ICv2 Gifts Week."

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