Former Heavy Metal CEO Matthew Medney and Managing Editor Morgan Rosenblum have co-written Mutant Cats, a sci-fi graphic novel to be published by Gungnir Entertainment.  The sci-fi story, with artwork by Alex Arizmendi, is rated for readers 13 and up and will be published on March 19, 2024, as a 136-page hardcover with an MSRP of $22.99.

The graphic novel is a satire about a company that is trying to develop a new clean energy source, one that clearly comes with some dangers.  The characters are all mutant animals of some sort, and the artwork is colorful and lively.

Medney was the CEO of Heavy Metal until shortly before its demise (see "ICv2 Interview: Heavy Metal Interim CEO Marshall Lees").  He is also the co-founder and CEO of Hero Projects, a "boutique storytelling company."  Rosenblum was the Managing Editor of Heavy Metal (see "People on the Move").  Medney and Rosenblum have co-written a number of graphic novels, including Stable, which was co-published by Heavy Metal and Hero Projects (see “Exclusive Preview: ‘Stable’ Vol. 1 TP”).

Gungnir Entertainment is distributed by Diamond Comic Distributors and appears to be a new publisher, with four books listed for 2024 release.