Galeforce Nine revealed two new Star Trek: Away Missions expansions, which will hit retail soon.

The two expansions feature characters from The Original Series led by Captain Kirk and Commander Scott. These expansions introduce a "beam away" ability to gameplay as well as add First Officer Spock and Communications Officer Uhura to the mix.

"Kirk and Scotty will be tremendous additions to an already stellar set of beloved Away Teams," said GF9 CEO John-Paul Brisigotti. "They're going to bring something to the table that the other teams don't and we're excited to see how that affects the competitive landscape of the game."

These expansions push the boundaries of Star Trek: Away Missions a little further, as they are the first non-Star Trek: The Next Generation-based expansions to be released for this game (see " 'Star Trek: Away Missions'"). They also set up for the game to expand into the future beyond the Star Trek: The Next Generation crew.

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