Modiphius Entertainment Ltd. has partnered up with Rookery Publications to release a new edition of the Dark Deeds card game.

Dark Deeds, originally created by former Warhammer 40,000 lead designer Andy Chambers and Disney Lorcana designer Ryan Miller with artwork by Mark Gibbons, was first published via Games & Gears in 2016. In this dark humor card game set in a fantasy city, players take on the roles of minions serving an evil Patron. They must carry out acts of skullduggery in his name while avoiding getting apprehended by the authorities. Players will interact with a Street deck that provides them with unsuspecting targets to stalk, and a Tavern deck, which allows them to complete specific missions for their Patron. The richest Minion at the end of the game will reap the rewards of a villainous job well done.

“Andy Chambers, Ryan Miller and myself created the original Dark Deeds over a frenzied six months back in 2015," said artist Mark Gibbons. "Indie publisher Games & Gears was good enough to indulge our collective passions and put the devious little game on the shelves for a limited run the following year. We sold every copy, and thanks to the encouraging buzz from a hardcore fan base, even made a Darker Deeds expansion."

The original version of this game supported two to five players and played in 30 to 60 minutes. Modiphius will release more updated information about this game at a later date.

Modiphius Entertainment has also placed Battle for Nuka-World, the new two-player starter set for Fallout: Factions, onto preorder (see "'Fallout: Factions'").