In March, Rio Grande Games will release Dominion Cornucopia & Guilds, an update to the game’s fifth and eighth expansion sets for Second Edition.

Cornucopia is inspired by the season of autumn and the harvest, featuring cards based around agriculture and the festivities of the fall.  Guilds focuses on the economy of the Dominion world and the powerful guilds that dominate it.  Combined, these two expansions add 26 Kingdom cards to the game mix as well as coin tokens used by some of the Guilds cards.

Originally, these expansions were added to the first edition of Dominion as separate small sets, and were later combined into a double-expansion in 2015 (see “‘Dominion:  Cornucopia & Guilds’”).  Now this double-set has been updated for Dominion Second Edition, part of Rio Grande’s continuing series of updated versions of first edition expansions following the game’s relaunch in 2016 (see “‘Dominion Second Edition’ Arrives”).

The Second Edition update replaces eight Kingdom cards and the Prizes from the first edition version.  It comes with a total of 300 cards, 35 coin tokens, 6 coffer mats, and a plastic organizer tray.  MSRP is $44.95.

Rio Grande’s spring releases also include the re-release of Roll for the Galaxy (see “‘Roll for the Galaxy’ Returns”) and John Bohrer’s Southern Pacific (see “Rio Grande Takes a Ride on the ‘Southern Pacific’”).