Bezier Games has announced Seers Catalog, a card game designed by YouTube channel Taylor’s Trick Taking Table host Taylor Reiner.  Seers Catalog will premier at this year’s Gen Con on August 1.

Seers Catalog is a card shedding, ladder climbing style card game.  Players start with a hand of cards that they hope to get rid.  Each trick, a player leads with a set of related cards, and the other players may only play sets of equal or higher value.  Unlike similar games, the goal in Seers Catalog is not to get rid of all cards as quickly as possible, but rather to end the hand with only a single high-value card.  When any player runs out of cards, the hand ends and players lose points for every card they still hold, but gain points equal to their lowest value card.

The game comes with 60 suited cards, 5 wild cards, 15 artifact cards, 5 bonus tokens, and an artifact reference.  It is intended for 2 to 5 players, ages 15 and up, and plays in around 45 minutes.

Bezier Games is planning to launch a half-dozen new card games this year, including Ted Alspach’s Sandbag (see "Bezier Games Will Release Three New Card Games in 2024").