Bushiroad will release new [Oshi No Ko] and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure sets for its Weiss Schwarz TCG in 2024, the company announced in a video presentation this week. 

Weiss Schwarz TCG: [Oshi No Ko] Trial Decks and Booster Packs will be released on September 20.  The series, a supernatural mystery that tells the story of a doctor and patient who are reborn as twins to a pop idol, has been a hit both as a manga (see “February 2024 BookScan”) and as an anime. The first season of the anime was released in 2023, and a second is set to air in July of this year. An [Oshi No Ko] live action series will drop on Amazon Prime Video next winter (see “Live Action Series”).

Weiss Schwarz TCG: Premium Booster JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders & Stone Ocean will be released later this year. The manga is a long-running hit, with over 100 million copies sold worldwide, and a number of anime adaptations have also been released.  Stardust Crusaders and Stone Ocean are the third and sixth arcs of the nine-arc manga series.  As a Premium Booster, this set contains cards that can be used for play as well as parallel rares for collectors. Bushiroad released an earlier JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure set in 2020 (see “’JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’”).

Bushiroad will release Weiss Schwarz TCG: Trial Deck & Booster Pack Dengeki Bunko, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the publisher, on October 25.  Dengeki Bunko publishes series including Sword Art Online and Shakugan no Shana that include characters that will be featured in this set.

In March, Bushiroad announced a new premium set, Weiss Schwarz TCG: hololive production feat. Weiss Schwarz Amabassadors, for August release (see “Bushiroad Announces New ‘hololive production’ Set”).