Bandai will release a new Booster Set and Double Pack for the One Piece TCG in December 2024, both planned for December 13. 

One Piece TCG: Four Emperors Booster is a special booster set to mark the second anniversary of the release of the game, with cards that are more luxuriously designed.  In this set, Luffy and Buggy appear with Shanks and Teach as the new Four Emperors, along with many new One Piece Odyssey-themed cards.

The rarity scheme includes 126+1 card types: 6 Leader, 45 Common, 30 Uncommon, 26 Rare, 10 Super Rare, 2 Secret Rare, 6 Special Card, 1 Treasure Rare, and 1 DON!! Card.

As usual, this booster set will be sold in 12-card packs, with 24 packs per display. 

One Piece TCG Double Pack Set Vol. 6, the next best set for value after Boosters, will include two booster packs and 2 randomly selected DON!! Cards with exclusive designs.  Packaging doubles as a card case.  Bandai is launching a new series with this product, with the goal of expanding space at mass retail. 

Bandai will release two One Piece TCG Sound Loaders this fall (see “’One Piece TCG’ with Sound”).