Hobby game publishers, including Renegade Games Studios, Hachette Boardgames USA, and Capstone Games took the bulk of the slots in the five top Mensa Select Games for 2024, the organization announced.  The Mensa Select seal is awarded to games that are original in concept, challenging, well-designed, a good value for the price, and easy to comprehend and play.

The five games awarded the seal for 2024 were:

  • The Vale of Eternity, from Renegade Game Studios
  • In the Footsteps of Darwin, from Hachette Boardgames USA
  • Wandering Towers, from Capstone Games
  • First in Flight: A Historical Aviation Board Game, from Genius Games
  • Abducktion, from Very Special Games

Renegade is a serial winner, with two titles on the chart the last time we reported on the Mensa selections, in 2019 (see “Mensa Select Mind Games Winners 2019”).