Wizards of the Coast will release four series of Magic: The Gathering cards featuring the venerable  virtual idol Hatsune Miku in Secret Lair drops this year.  The art is by Miku fans, including Jehan Choo, Justyna Dura, Mandy Jurgens, Dani Pendergast, Yuko Shimizu, and SYUTSURI.  There are six cards, each of which will be offered in four versions: English or Japanese, foil or non-foil.  The non-foil drops will retail for $29.99, and the foil drops for $39.99.

The cards in the first drop, which will occur in May, are:

  • 1x Shelter
  • 1x Chandra's Ignition as "Miku's Spark"
  • 1x Harmonize
  • 1x Azusa, Lost but Seeking as "Miku, Lost but Singing"
  • 1x Feather, the Redeemed as "Miku, the Renowned"
  • 1x Inspiring Vantage

Hatsune Miku has previously been featured on TCG cards, including Weiss Schwarz, back in 2013 (see "’Project Diva’ Expansion").  Ultra Pro also had a license, offering accessories (see "Game Accessories Featuring Hatsune Miku") and other merch.

Click Gallery below for the Hatsune Miku Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair cards!